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Chowdhury Kaiser Mohammad Riyadh conducts self-development session in YPF Maldives 2021

Young professional fellowship (YPF) Maldives 2021 was held in Maafushi Island, Maldives from 12 to 16 March 2021. Around 50 delegates from over 20 countries got selected to represent their countries in the fellowship program. Professors, scientists, lawyers, students, social activities, news reporters, doctors, psychologists, journalists, and entrepreneurs from different countries gathered to work together for the common good. It was a big platform to exchange ideas and to learn about each other’s efforts and initiatives. Moreover, this was a unique opportunity to enhance international cooperation, knowledge sharing and to foster mutual understanding and collaboration. Post-covid Resilience, Covid-19, Civil Rights, Development of Science and Technology, Entrepreneurship, Anti-Patriarchal Model and Affordable & Clean Energy for All were some of the key agenda of YPF Maldives 2021.

The fellowship program was conducted with strict adherence to the necessary precautionary measures amidst Covid-19 and not a single case has been reported among the delegates even after they returned home. YPF Maldives 2021 not only enriched the knowledge and learning of the delegates but also provided an opportunity to discover the beauty and culture of Maldives.

There, Chowdhury Kaiser Mohammad Riyadh, from Bangladesh was invited as a trainer to conduct a self-development session, where he emphasized the need for empathy and the right mindset for growth and success. Many delegates said it was an inspiring and meaningful experience that triggered a moment in changing their lives and perspectives.

Riyadh is an international inspirational speaker, a life transformational coach and an NLP Trainer. He has been conducting self-development sessions globally since 2015. Leaving Bangladesh Army voluntarily back in 2012, his passion about self-transformation carried him to help other change for the better. So far, he has conducted around 120 self-help workshops in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, the UK & the USA and inspired thousands of youths from over 80 countries.

“I loved the diversity among the delegates. Such humble, genuine, empathetic, energetic and thoughtful the pool was, interacting with each of them added to my learning as well,” said Riyadh.

Ms. Silia Taider (France), Ms. Natalija Radivojevic (Russia), Ms. Haia A. Al-Assaf (Jordan), Ms. Deepika Vats (India) and Mr. Ali Tahir (Pakistan) were also outstanding in their presentation. The fellowship was organized by the Mentor Amiable Professional Society (MAPS). MAPS is a renowned international registered youth-led organization and playing a paramount role in the capacity building and development of youth since 2012 under the leadership of Mr. Kamran Zafar and Muhammad Ahmad.

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