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China’s intervention leading to massive corruption in Maldives!!

  • Blacklisted Chinese firms being awarded contracts.
  • Contract rates inflated to satisfy the ‘needs’ of top  Govt. officials!
  • Corruption being spread from top to bottom in the Govt. by China!
  • Long term plan of ‘economical enslaving’ of Maldives by China!
As recently as yesterday, the Maldives Govt. (or more appropriately Yameen Govt.) announced that the project to design and develop the link road connecting the airport island of Hulhule and reclaimed suburb Hulhumale will be awarded to Hunan Construction Engineering Group of China for USD 24 million (MVR 370 million). The China-Maldives Friendship Bridge and the link road are major development projects undertaken by the government to connect the capital, airport and suburb with land transportation. As at present, people use ferries to commute between the two. HDC had said in a statement released last February that the contractor is to bear all the costs of the link road project, which will be reimbursed by the government on a later date. Although, the details regarding the reimbursement plan were not disclosed by the Govt., as always!
But, Yameen is not a president for the people of Maldives and any action or decision taken by his Govt. needs scrutiny. As has happened in the past, with the development of 5,000 housing units in Hulhumale housing project being awarded to a dubious, non-existing and blacklisted Turkish firm, Ozturk Holdin. “Game of Contracts” is being played by President Yameen’s corrupt Government, by awarding contracts to dubious companies (and dubious ‘countries’ as well) and making a hefty commission on the dealings and robbing the people of Maldives of their hard earned money. Refer to the link _TRUTH behind “Game of Contracts” by Yameen Government EXPOSED!!!. No development takes place in Maldives without the personal ‘development’ of Yameen and his bank accounts.
Yet again Yameen has done the same. In the instant case, thorough research and investigation on the background of the firm, China Hunan Construction Engineering Group Corporation (CHCEGC), has revealed startling facts. CHCEGC was awarded the rural electrification project in Ghana (Africa), which has over the years been embroiled in controversies. The report on the project by the Auditor General of Ghana revealed that the national electrification project, which cost the taxpayers of Ghana millions of dollars, was executed with substandard poles and leaking transformers. The nationwide audit by the Auditor General’s Department had revealed lots of shoddy work, poor project supervision, and underhand dealings in the execution of the project. It was also discovered that statistics on projects in the rural electrification project are misleading especially the projects have not been completed yet classified as completed and vice versa.
Further, not just the shamble work done by the company but also it was found that the project was overpriced to the tune of $9 million, exposing the nefarious activities undertaken by CHCEGC, to get the project. These accusations were confirmed by the Ghanaian actress and TV Host, Selassie Ibrahim, who owns a company named Smartty’s Management and Productions Limited of Ghana. In a statement, Smartty’s Management and Productions Limited has said it only provided PR services to the China Hunan Construction Engineering Group but was not party to the ‘overpriced’ $92 million deal between the Chinese firm and the Government of Ghana. It said “Our client dissociate themselves from the execution of an any such contract between the government of Ghana and the other indicated party, China Hunan Construction Engineering Group”. This completely exposed the nexus between the Ghana Govt. and the nefarious activities of the Chinese firm.

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Source URL: Maldives Uprising

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