China Machinery Engineering : Loan Contract Signed for Maldives Phase-III Housing Project


On July 14, CMEC, China Development Bank (CDB) and Maldives Housing Development Corporation (HDC) held a trilateral meeting on the Maldivian Phase-III Housing Project. Witnessed by CMEC, CDB and HDC signed the loan contract on Maldives Phase-III Housing Project.

Zhang Chun, CMEC President, Xie Zhijun, President of Guangxi Branch of CDB, and Mohamed Saiman, HDC’s Managing Director respectively delivered speeches. Mr. Saiman thanked CMEC for its long-standing support and expressed good wishes to cooperate with CMEC and CDB in other areas. Mr.Xie Zhijun pointed out that this contract represented the first landing project of CMEC and CDB in Maldives and hoped to work with CMEC to build another successful livelihood project after the Phase-I and Phase-II projects. Afterwards, Mr. Zhang, on behalf of CMEC, expressed his gratitude to CDB for its long-term support and would cooperate fully with HDC to build the Phase-III Project and ensure the housing quality and delivery on schedule.

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