Chief Justice Didi and Judge Adam rejects JSC’s advisory document

The Chief Justice of Maldives Ahmed Abdulla Didi and Judge Adam Mohamed who were advised regarding an issue by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has rejected the advisory documents sent by the Commission

The JSC advised the Chief Justice and the Judge as well as Judge Abdulla Areef regardings a disciplinary issue. The case was closed after JSC gave advise to the three judges.

“Sun” has learned that the advisory documents were rejected by the Chief Justice Ahmed Abdulla Didi and Judge Adam Mohamed due to the document being signed by the Secretary-General of JSC.

A circular issued by the Supreme Court previously stated that documents and letters sent to the Supreme Court must be signed by the highest-ranking member of that office. Although the two judges rejected the advisory document, Judge Abdulla Areef has accepted the advisory document.

“Sun” has also learned that a chit regarding another issue being investigated by the Commission was rejected by the two judges. The chit was rejected by the judges on the same grounds that it was signed by the Secretary-General of the Commission.

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