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Cheap flights to the Maldives

A necklace of more than 1000 coral islands scattered in warm, crystal-clear waters, the Maldives are one of the most remote fantasy escapes in the world. This exclusive destination is the dream of honeymooners and Hollywood stars alike.

Flights to the Maldives

You’ll need a bit of patience to get to the Maldives from the US. There are no direct flights to Maldives from America, and most visitors come via Europe or the Middle East. Just about everyone who flies here will land in Malé International Airport (MLE) also known as Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. MLE is located on the capital island of Malé, and is the main gateway for tourists into the rest of the islands.

Just about every resort in the Maldives is its own private island, so getting to yours will be a bit of an adventure. Boats, ferries, sea planes aka “air taxis” and private yachts are the main ways of connecting to your final destination. Many resorts will arrange transfers for you, or you can source your own.

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