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Channel 13 Ordered to answer to BroadCom

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has ordered Channel 13 to answer for the defamatory content broadcasted by the channel regarding the President of the Elections Commission, Ahmed Shareef. 

Channel 13 was ordered to respond to the BroadCom on seven cases against them. Six of these cases are regarding the defamatory content against the President of the Elections Commission and the other case is regarding defamatory content against the Members of the Elections Commission. 

Elections Commission has filed a case with the BroadCom against Channel 13 for broadcasting the pictures of the five members of the Elections Commission alleging that they are in hiding. 

PPM has made many allegations against the Elections Commission alleging corruption in the election. A number of PPM members are holding a series of protests in front of their offices with these allegations. However, the Elections Commission have denied them. 

The BroadCom has warned Channel 13 in past regarding the content being broadcasted. 

And so, in the letter sent to Channel 13 by the BroadCom states, they have received a complaint that Channel 13 has been broadcasting content that alleges corruption in the Presidential Election after the Government had accepted defeat in the election held on 23 September 2018. 

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