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Chamber of Commerce to police over Maldives boycott campaigns

Ismail Asif MNCCI

Ismail Asif, the vice president of the Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) on Tuesday officially requested the police to investigate and take strict action against those that call on the international community to boycott the Maldives’ tourism.

MNCCI’s vice president Ismail Asif declared that it marked the first time for the chamber to file a police case.

“We have nothing against politicians vying for leadership. But we want to take strict action against everyone who impedes the Maldivian economy and call for boycotts.”

Asif stated that the chamber had referred to such people as a whole without specifying any names in their police case. However, he warned that the chamber would henceforth file separate cases against individuals that conduct boycott campaigns and other movements online.

He also urged for public cooperation in bringing such people to the chamber’s attention.

“We won’t just stand by idly after submitting the cases; we will be looking into their progress,” Asif vowed.

The vice president pointed out that such forms of negative campaigning were expected to increase as this year’s Presidential Elections draws close. He added that the chamber had decided to file a police case to seek a solution for the future.

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