Bronze Medals and Maldives Barrels

Jenny Jones is Britain’s most decorated snowboarder and she has the medal to prove it. Wavelength speaks exclusively to our most successful board sliding Olympian about surfing in Devon, Team GB’s hopeful Peony Knight and the Jamaican Bobsleigh team.

She may have stopped competing but being a sports legend is busy business and on the three year anniversary of her Sochi slopestyle win she lets us in on her surfing roots and a secret love of doughnuts.

WL: As an Olympian, surfing in the Olympics – Good or not?

JJ: It feels a bit similar to the snowboarding story, will it ruin it? Maybe. You do have to start dealing with governing bodies and the IOC and the heavy politics of everything which is never a bonus.

The whole system suddenly becomes all about the training and the process too. When I went to the X Games the first two times there was not a coach in site. We just went there and snowboarded and that is a great thing.

There are loads of youngsters out there competing that would love to go to an Olympics though, to get that opportunity and share the sport on the global scale.

WL: Do you think surfers should be worried about the Olympics?

JJ: I suppose people just worry that it is going to become too popular and I suppose you could worry that the vibe of surfing might change.

When I surf it is purely for fun, it would always take me away from competing, that is why I love it so much.

So, I actually like to compete in snowboarding but I will always look forward to going surfing because it was not competing, it was not stressful and I like the lifestyle of it, I loved getting in my van driving up the coast. I guess it is weird but it is not about competing for me.

Jenny jones surfing

WL: As a surfer as well as a snowboarder where’s your perfect spot?

JJ: One of my favourite places was the Maldives and Sri Lanka was really amazing too, but I love surfing in Devon.

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