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British MP meets Maldives Ambassador

British Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific, MP Mark Field has met with Maldives Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Ahmed Shiaan on Wednesday evening to discuss the current political unrest in the Maldives.

On Tuesday night MP Field took to twitter expressing his concern over the State of Emergency President Yameen had declared on February 5 after refusing to implement a Supreme Court order to release political prisoners.

At the House of Commons on Tuesday, the MP revealed that he was to have a meeting with Ambassador Shiaan on Wednesday to seek an explanation of what the government of Maldives is doing in these areas.

While MP Field has called on the President to peacefully lift the State of Emergency, on Wednesday evening he had tweeted of his meeting with Ambassador Shiaan.

MP Field said that the safety of British visitors is a priority and that he calls on the immediate restoration of fundamental rights and a peaceful resolution.

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