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Bold Headline: The Sale of Faafu Atoll !

This Dhivehi language video was aired by local TV station Raajje TV.

RTV Anchor Muhsin talks with MDP MP Ibrahim Shareef.

Key points discussed:

The economy grows by 3.9 percent, which is not a good rate for an emerging economy, and the national debt is not reducing. The accumulated deficit is MVR 32 billion.

From the major infrastructure projects underway, the bridge between the airport and Male will not generate foreign currency, and it will not directly contribute to the economy. However it might indirectly contribute but, since no study was done, one cannot say how much it will improve the economy.

IGMH new building will also not directly earn foreign currency, as Maldives will still need a long time to be a medical tourism destination. However, if the services [at the hospital] will reduce the foreign travel of Maldivians for medical reasons, this can be considered an indirect contribution.

Another major news item these days is that a whole atoll is being sold to Saudi Arabia (the Faafu Atoll referred to in the title).

Shareef says the Government has not shared any details of the potential sale. He claims that an entire atoll cannot be sold even under the amended legislation. Islands can be leased for 99 years, but not an entire atoll. He also doesn’t believe that all the inhabitants can be relocated and the entire atoll be given to any party. He believes Faafu Atoll cannot be given away or sold.


Source URL: RaajjeTelevision

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