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Boat wrecks on rocks by South Channel again

A speedboat has wrecked on the rocks by the South Channel of Male’ City again, destroying the entire vessel.

The boat has been identified as an Aima Construction speedboat, which wrecked on the rocks while travelling out of Male’ City towards En’boodhoo Lagoon through the South Channel this Saturday morning.

An official from Aima Construction who spoke to “Sun” said the speedboat has 17 people on board when it wrecked on the rocks after getting caught on a series of waves.

All 17 onboard were unharmed in the incident.

Aima Construction is one of the companies building rooms on the USD 1 billion En’boodhoo Lagoon Project by Thai company, Singha Estate.

The official from Aima Construction who spoke to “Sun” said the company makes approximately 17 trips to En’boodhoo Lagoon each day. And that the company uses the South Channel due to the heavy congestion in the North Channel.

He said people will continue using the South Channel until its physically shut down using something like a chain, despite the announcement by the government that the Channel is under construction.

“Boats aren’t able to use the North Channel due to the heavy congestion. Now, people will use the [South] Channel if it remains open,” said the official.

Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure has appealed to the public not to use the South Channel as it is under construction.

The ministry has been hit with criticism for its decision to remove tetrapods and construct a channel in the area. Several boats have suffered damage after wrecking on the rocks by the channel.

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