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Boat sinks killing two men

MNDF soliders unload the bodies of two men who drowned when a boat, enroute to Raa atoll from Male, sank after hitting a submerged rock. PHOTO: AHMED HAMDHOON/MIHAARU

A boat carrying cargo to Aarah island of Raa atoll sank in the early hours of Thursday, killing two people.

According to Police, the two casualties were Indian nationals.

The boat, carrying materials to Aarah which is being developed as a resort by Ali Investments Pvt Ltd, had left Kaafu atoll by Ziyaaraifushi island before being forced to turn back due to rough seas. The boat had stopped at Himmiyaa lagoon until calm seas resumed before attempting to leave the atoll again but the bow of the boat struck a submerged rock, damaging the hull.

The 80-foot vessel named “Princess” flooded, killing two men who were employed at Alia. There were seven staff of Alia and four crew members aboard at the time of the accident which occurred around 3:30 a.m. on April 27.

According to Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF), the two men had been trapped inside the boat when it sank. According to some of the survivors, neither of the two drowned men knew to swim.

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