Billions owed to state by private entities: AG

Attorney General Mohamed Anil (L) sitting with Tourism Minister Moosa Zameer PHOTO:Nishan Ali/Mihaaru


Attorney General Mohamed Anil (L) with Tourism Minister Moosa Zameer PHOTO:Nishan Ali/Mihaaru

The government on Tuesday proclaimed that they are working to obtains billions of Maldivian Ruifyaa owed to the state by various individuals.

Speaking at a press conference held at the President’s Office, Attorney General Mohamed Anil stated that the audit reports publicized since 2008 show that billions are owed to the state by private individuals. These include in issues such as embezzlement, negligence and money lost as a result of unconstitutional activities.

Noting that government institutions have started working to obtain the money owed, Anil said that an exact total amount is yet unclear.

He added that the Ministry of Finance and Treasury has already ordered the involved individuals to repay the money, out of which only two individuals have settled the payments.

In addition, the Attorney General said that a deadline has been issued to repay loans taken from the state. He said that if the entities fail to pay by the deadline, the issues will be further reviewed.

According to AG Anil, till date Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) has taken action against 1,800 individuals and frozen 17 accounts, out of which 14 cases have been taken to court.

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