Billiards in Maldives has tremendous potential, says Thorsten Hohmann


There is a promising future for billiards, and pool, in the Maldives and that he has seen this first hand, says three-time world pool champion Thorsten Hohmman.

Hohmman, nicknamed ‘the hitman’, said this while speaking at a press conference at the Maldives Pool Billiards Association (MPBA).

Speaking at the conference, Hohmann reminisced his own beginnings and said that he began playing pool in a setting similar to that at the MPBA clubhouse.

Hohmann said that the work he did with his first club was what allowed him to become champion in the first place. He said that his first club had expanded from five tables, to 10, to 30.

In this regard, Hohmann said that plans to acquire support from the government to expand the MPBA clubhouse is an initiative that will see results.

Hohmann arrived in the Maldives on Tuesday and has since met with members of the association and had sessions with the Maldivian national team.

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