BestOfMaldves.com consolidates Maldives holiday packages from various travel agencies in the Maldives and around the world. Our mission is to allow you to find the tour package that best suits your needs from the comfort of your home. BestOfMaldves.com lets travellers plan in advance or book on-the-go to skip long lines and sold-out signs.

Is BestOfMaldves.com a Travel Agent?

No, we are not a travel agent. We are a travel portal dedicated for holidays to the Maldives. BestOfMaldves.com aggregates Maldives holiday packages from various travel agencies in the world. If you could not find the right package/deal, you can always reach us, and we will create custom packages that suit your budget and need. With our network of travel agents, we think we can get you the dream holiday you are looking for.

Does BestOfMaldves.com Charge a Service Fee/Additional Fees?

We do not charge any fees to travellers. We charge travel agents fees to display their travel packages on our website. Travel agents treat these fees as advertising fees.

What are the benefits of using BestOfMaldves.com website?

  • You can compare the available travel packages offered by various travel agencies in the Maldives and in your location.
  • The travel agents will be the ones contacting you instead of you having to call them one by one.
  • You will be able to get discounted rates you will never find on other online booking websites by directly contacting the agents via chat or email.
  • For corporate clients, you can directly email us, and we’ll source at least three travel agents to bid for your company’s travel requirements. This saves you time and at the same time meets most of the company’s sourcing policy.
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