Best thing I found to do in Maldives turns to snorkeling

Snorkeling at Vilamendhoo Island Resort Maldives

Last year I spent my holiday in Maldives. This country is amazing. I have never seen such a place before, may be that is the reason I am so impressed with Maldives. After some chats with friends it seems I am not the only one fascinated by the beauty of Maldives.

I currently live in Los Angeles. American is a giant land mass, you could travel hours and hours by flight just to go another state.

Maldives is totally the opposite. Big land mass never exists anywhere in the country. There are only islands, not just a few, the country has over 1190. None of these islands are large. In any island you could walk to beach in less than 10 minutes. Capital Male’ is an overcrowded place with people, vehicles and concrete buildings. Other islands are peaceful with green natural vegetation, beaches, blue water.

I stayed in St Regis Maldives. This is a new resort opened in 2017. It is not cheap, but it’s worth the money. After all what’s the purpose of travelling half the globe? To enjoy in luxury that is well blend with nature. That’s exactly what I got in the resort.

The island itself is very tiny. You could walk around like in 10 minutes. I stayed in a villa that was suspended over the water.

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