Bank of Maldives is proud to Host Maldives’ first ever International Banking Conference

Preparations are well advanced as Bank of Maldives gears up to host the 35th Asian Bankers Association (ABA) General Meeting and Conference which will be held in Kurumba Maldives on 15 and 16 November 2018. With over 100 participants from 25 countries, including CEOs and the heads of some of Asia’s biggest financial institutions, the ABA conference will be the first international banking event of its kind ever held in the Maldives.

The theme of the conference is “Banking in Asia – the Next Frontier” and the region’s leading financial services minds will discuss banking developments in Asia, in particular, the importance of the financial sector’s continued stability and integrity in the face of rapid technological advancement.

Bank of Maldives is the largest financial institution in the Maldives and commands a leading market share in both the corporate and retail banking segments. The Bank is a technology leader and was the first bank in the country to offer advanced digital banking services. With the Maldives’ very tech-savvy population, 9 out of 10 transactions in the Bank take place online today. Bank of Maldives also invests more resources to support the local community than all other banks in the country combined.

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