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“Ban the Bags”: A movement to ban single-use plastics in the Maldives by 2020

The Maldives Association of Tourism Professionals (ATP) is carrying out a CSR project to ban the use of single-use plastic products across the Maldives. Registered in the Maldives as a not-for-profit, ATP has been established and intended to serve and develop tourism professionals in the flourishing travel sector of Maldives.

Alongside ATP, Dhiraagu has partnered in this campaign in 2016 and donated 1500 reusable bags to both Vaavu Keyodhoo & Alif Alif Ukulhas to assist their single-use plastic bag ban. ATP too has successfully implemented single-use plastic bag bans in three islands of the Maldives, namely AA. Bodufolhudhoo, AA.Ukulhas & V.Keyodhoo.

It is a common sight to see plastic dumped into the oceans of the Maldives in which marine animals get entangled and suffocate or choke to death. This could lead to the endangerment or extinction of the delicate and frail marine creatures. Unless an effective action is taken against this issue, it will continue to endanger the beauty of our underwater gardens, marine animals and other living organisms in the coastal areas.

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