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Authentic Restaurants In The Maldives – Tantalize Your Taste-Buds, Maldivian Style

The Olive Garden Restaurant

If it has an olive in its name it is probably Italian and in the Maldives, the Olive Garden is one restaurant that proves this fact. Located in Fareedhu Magu, the Olive Garden is popularly visited by those exploring Male. With all-time favourites such as pizzas and pasta, the Olive Garden Restaurant almost never disappoints.

Sala Thai

Even in the Maldives, South East Asian flavours are given due prominence. The Sala Thai is one such restaurant where some of the most exotic South East Asian dishes are prepared. Designed in an authentic Siamese manner the restaurant pays attention to detail and recreates a traditional ambience from the furniture used here to the choice of artwork hanging on its walls.

Shell Beans

This venue is quirky and interesting and its menu card, as well as ambience, is known to attract a diverse crowd. Shell Beans is known for its relaxed and friendly ambience and is a favourite place for all. Items you can expect to find at this café are typical to eateries of this sort and also include a number of international main courses.

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