Atoll not sold to Saudis, says Maldives

Faafu Atoll

The Maldives government on Wednesday denied it was selling a cluster of small islands to Saudi Arabia, following opposition protests against such a deal, but said it was seeking foreign investment to develop the area.

The Opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) had accused the government of ceding control of the inhabited atoll of Faafu to Saudi Arabia, whose king is due to visit the country. MDP sources said police had blocked dozens of locals from protesting following reports the land would be sold, and made a handful of arrests.

But the government, which in 2015 lifted a ban on foreign ownership of land, denied any such sale had taken place and said it was working with “a range of international investors” to develop Faafu and the rest of the country and wanted to construct apartments, tourist resorts and airports.

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Source URL: Google News

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