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Arabiyya ex-principal denies sending people to Hajj illegally



The former principal of Arabiyya School, Nasrullah Musthafa, denied claims of illegally sending four individuals on Hajj pilgrimage and stranding them on arrival in Saudi Arabia.

He stated on Tuesday that the allegations made against him claiming to have sent four people to Mecca on illegal documents and leaving them unattended on arrival were baseless fabrications.

According to Nasrullah, the four people had travelled to Mecca on special visas, facilitated by him, through the Saudi Embassy in the Maldives. He also denied charging a hefty fee from the people.

“I didn’t charge any fee from the couple as they were able to handle their responsibilities, but I did collect money from one individual and issued a letter as proof that the money would be returned upon request; it was not taken as a charge but for safekeeping as he was an elderly person.”

He also denied the allegations that Mihaaru had published based on statements provided by the president of Hajj Mission, Ibrahim Ahmed, that Nasrullah had not arranged a place for the four people to reside in Mecca. He assured that this was a fabrication as he had in possession the receipt received after payment from the place arranged for their stay in Mecca. He added that apart from this, he had made arrangements with a Saudi resident to receive the people and help them accordingly.

“All these fabrications arose because I was unable to travel with them on the same flight, as I faced a slight complication of obtaining the necessary vaccines required for the Hajj pilgrimage.”

Nasrullah had filed a lawsuit for defamation against five journalists of a daily newspaper, Mihaaru, and local media group VMedia after reports were published regarding his case, where he had been accused of scamming four people whom he sent to Saudi Arabia for Hajj pilgrimage last year.

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