Applications open for SC seat vacated by Justice Didi

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has announced for candidates to apply for the seat vacated by Justice Abdulla Didi on the Supreme Court of Maldives.

The JSC stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had asked for the recommendation of the JSC to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court following the departure of Justice Abdulla Didi. JSCF has announced for candidates to apply for the post under the Judges Act, article 17 (B) until Sunday afternoon.

Justice Abdulla Didi was removed from the Supreme Court last night by the majority vote of Parliament members. 72 members voted to remove him while only one member abstained. JSC launched its investigation into Didi after receiving a letter from Maldives Police Service regarding an open criminal investigation on Didi.

According to JSC’s report, Didi is under investigation by the police for bribery, specifically for using the power his position in exchange for monetary benefits from the suspects who embezzled funds from Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC). JSC found him guilty of nine violations of the code of ethics for judges.

Work is also being carried out on increasing the number of judges on the Supreme Court bench to seven with former High Court Judge Esmeralda Zahir and Civil Court judge Aisha Shujoon nominated for the seats. The two nominations have been approved by the Judiciary Committee of the parliament.

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