“Any govt in alliance with Adhaalath will renew Qatar ties”

Members of Adhaalath Party at a rally of Maldives United Opposition. PHOTO/ADHAALATH PARTY

Religiously conservative Adhaalath Party proclaimed Tuesday that, in a government formed in coalition with the party, they would renew diplomatic relations with Qatar.

The Maldives cut off 33 years of diplomatic ties with Qatar on June 5 as the government claimed that the decision was made in accordance with the government’s policies against supporters of terrorist and extremist organisations.

The unforeseen move came shortly after Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Libya and Egypt announced early Monday that the five countries have completely cut ties with Qatar after years of tension with the state. The Gulf nations and Egypt have also kicked Qatar out of their military coalition, declaring that Qatar is working to wreak uproar and dispute in the Middle-east, and is backing terrorist organisations including the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran-backed rebels.

Criticising the government’s decision, Adhaalath Party’s head of Foreign Relations, Shidatha Shareef, said that maintaining good relations with foreign states is beneficial for the country and its citizens. She added that abrupt decisions against long-practised policies are detrimental.

Hence Shidatha proclaimed that a government formed in coalition with Adhaalth Party would make it a top priority to renew the severed ties with Qatar.

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