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Anti-Yameen protests erupt across Maldives

MALE: Dozens of pro-opposition supporters were injured and many were arrested after police in the Maldives broke up countrywide protests demanding the resignation of President Yameen Abdul Gayoom and the release of his political opponents from prison.

Thousands of people took part in the protests in the archipelago nation on Friday despite the country being under a state of emergency.

Several people were hospitalised with injuries and many protesters were arrested, but hospital and police officials refused to provide numbers. The injured included about 10 reporters who were covering the protest.

Police said on Saturday that the demonstrators had ignored warnings that the right to protest has been suspended under the state of emergency. “In spite of the warning, certain political leaders encouraged this protest, encouraged citizens to face off against security services personnel.”police said in a statement . The Maldives has been in a political turmoil since February 1.

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