Andhu: My plan was to take Sabitra out of the game

Ahmed Vishal, the Head Coach of Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) said that he read Police Club’s game before the final match of the 18/30 Women’s Futsal Fiesta, and he then did homework to find the best techniques to weaken their strength.

“Their game starts from Fadhuwa who holds the control of the game. And Sabitra Bhandari was really dangerous in attack. So I thought a way to deal with this and came with a plan for the final.

My main target was to take Sabitra out of the game. So, I placed Seyedhehzahra at times in front to make Fadhuwa busy watching out for her. That way, Sabitra’s supply was cut-off during these moments. Meanwhile, Saliya and Shaamila would run forward in the attack”, Andhu explained speaking about her game plan.

“I trained my team focusing on such tough opponents. To get the best out of the pressing, they had to play against me, Goap and Guppe in the practice. So they were not new to this pressure. That’s how I trained them”, he described further.

Speaking about MPL, he said that he has got a marvellous team, and they were doing excellent in the practice.

“They were doing very good in training. Attendance was perfect. They always try to build the team work better each day. They come to watch matches together and later have discussions on it. Thet goes for coffee’s and spends more time together which is really important”.

Speaking more in the interview, he stated that futsal is a team game, and individually talented players without any mutual understanding cannot take a team to glory.

“My players were taught the best understanding of futsal. It is a team game. Everyone has to perform well to win the game. It is not possible to win matches without understanding futsal, and without understanding the right moment to do the right thing”, Andhu said acknowledging his team.

18/30 Women’s Futsal Fiesta is MPL’s second title with Andhu. They first won the President Cup, after making Andhu as the man in charge of the team.

Andhu also won the Best Coach Award of 18/30 Women’s Futsal Fiesta 2018.

Ahmed Visah won the Best Coach Award of 18/30 WFF 2018

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