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An overall look at HPA’s viral flu statistics

HPA's statistics on the viral flu and swine flu epidemic in the Maldives. PHOTO/HPA

Public concern has skyrocketed over the past fortnight since the state officially announced that swine flu cases have been confirmed amongst the viral flu epidemic spreading across the archipelago. The anxiety rampant amongst the community finally reached its peak on Sunday as countless parents refused to send their children to school despite the government reopening schools. One must question if this is the result of public fear exceeding the true situation at hand.

A close look at the regular reports on the flu epidemic released by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) garners an overall perspective on the situation all across the country. The statistics show the changes over time to the amount of people that sought doctors’ consultations for flu and the number that tested positive for the H1N1 virus.

At the time when HPA first began publishing the reports on March 14, over 1,000 people sought treatment for flu daily in the atolls with the exception of capital Male. According to the latest reports, the numbers have since dropped to around 300. For Male, the numbers have dropped from nearly 1,000 to 250. The total number of people reported for flu was over 2,000 in the beginning, but the amount has decreased by around half.

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