Amendment to be made raise age limit for Presidency

Deputy Leader of the PPM Parliamentary Group, the MP for Inguraidhoo constituency, Ibrahim Falah, has said that an amendment will be presented to raise the age limit eligible for the Presidency to be over 65 years of age. 

In 2015, an amendment was made that those over the age of 65 could not run for Presidency, setting the age limit between 30 – 65 years of age. 

MP Falah told Sun Media today that the amendment will be presented next week and it would keep the eligible age limit for Presidency above 30 years. 

He said that he had not supported the age restriction in the past either and 65 years is a healthy age where the people of the country is still strong. 

The Inguraidhoo MP said that he voted for it before as per the party decision but now feels strongly against it. 

Falah said that an amendment will be presented for the pension law as well but gave no further details. 

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