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Ambassador Shareef invites international community to “asses situation”

Maldivian ambassador to Sri-Lanka Mohamed Husain Shareef

Maldivian ambassador to Sri-Lanka Mohamed Husain Shareef speaking at a Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) rally. MIHAARU PHOTO / NISHAN ALI

Maldivian ambassador to Sri-Lanka Mohamed Husain Shareef has invited the international community to visit and assess the situation of the nation, claiming that the opposition has projected a false and misleading scenario on the state on the nation.

Speaking to supporters at a rally held at the ruling party’s campaign hub in the capital Male, Shareef accused the opposition and some media outlets of misinterpreting his previous statements. According to Shareef, due to the misleading statement being spread, had had to give “accurate explanations” of his statements to international partners, on many occasions.

Addressing the audience in English, Shareef had called on the international community to visit the country so that they could get a better assessment of the ground situation rather than depending on inaccurate depictions provided by a “select group.”

“[They] are welcome to visit and assess the situation up close. We invite them to come and talk to the citizens so they can get a better picture of the actual situation here in the Maldives,” the ambassador said.

“Instead of listening to the baseless accusations of a few groups, a visit would provide more accurate information. There is no barrier for such visits, it will always be welcome.”

He also accused the former president Mohamed Nasheed, who is living aboard in exile of being a traitor.

Furthermore, Ambassador Shareef praised President Yameen’s efforts to make the Maldives a more prominent contributor in the international arena. He added that the Maldives has received a lot of international recognition for its efforts on issues related to climate change, curbing terrorism and also for the bid to secure a seat in the United Nations Security Council.

He also called on the citizens to elect president Yameen for a second term as the president had achieved immense successes in the last four years. He added that president Yameen would be elected for a second term this year in a landslide victory.

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