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Almost 7,000 people sought flu and viral fever treatment


Almost 7,000 people sought treatment for flu and viral fever last week, the highest number on record this year, the Maldives’ Health Protection Agency said Monday.

It also said that 69 percent of people who have tested for influenza A virus in May were positive.

An 84-year-old woman who tested positive for influenza died last Wednesday and the HPA has warned of a spike in influenza, dengue and viral fever.

More than 14,000 people reported getting sick during the peak of the influenza outbreak in early 2017, the HPA said.

Dengue cases have fallen, with only 96 reports during the past week, but heavy rainfall in the Maldives may lead to a rise in the coming days.

The HPA said health workers across the country were being told how to deal with the spread of diseases.

Authorities are coordinating with the media to raise awareness, while the Maldives Red Crescent is helping to educate migrant workers on how to take preventive measures.

The HPA said last week that lifestyle changes during Ramadan could contribute to the spread of diseases.

Household waste generated has doubled since the start of Ramadan, the Waste Management Corporation said Sunday.

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