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Ali Waheed gives statement to the Rilwan investigation

Tourism Minister, Ali Waheed, has given a statement to the investigation into the disappearance of the Minivan News journalist, Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla, led by the Commission formed to investigate the murders and disappearances.

A tweet sent out by the investigative body confirmed that the tourism minister gave a statement to the investigation.

Journalist, Rilwan, was last seen on the night of 7 August 2014.

Speaking at a press conference on 2 April 2016, the Superintendent of Police, Abdulla Shatheeh said that witnesses have reported that screams were heard from the area where the alleged car involved was, at the night of the disappearance along with an arm from the open door on the passenger side of the vehicle.

He said that the disappearance of Rilwan was planned and the person who followed the victim for the planning was Mohamed Suaid (Athireege, Hulhudhoo).

Police, then, said that Suad and the owner of the alleged car that Rilwan was forced in to, Aalif Rauf, are close friends, both part of the street gang “Kudahenveiru”.

Superintendent Shatheeh also said that the investigation to find where Rilwan’s phone lost connection to the network found that the phone was not switched off after he disappeared.

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