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AG establishes new protocols for PG in dealing with criminal cases

The Attorney General has established and informed the Prosecutor General of protocols which need to be followed in dealing with criminal cases.

In a statement this Monday, Attorney General’s Office said the purpose of the set of protocols was to ensure the authority of the PG is exercised fairly and independently, instead of solely relying of the PG’s prerogative in prioritizing cases.

The new protocols will guide the PG in making decisions regarding pressing charges, review of charges and withdrawal of charges, said the AG’s Office in its statement.

The Office said the set of protocols was also designed to increase transparency of the PG’s authority to review condition of detention centres, review criteria for detention and monitor investigative agencies to ensure investigations are carried out.

The protocols will also guide the PG to priorities the interests and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders in a systematic manner.

The previous protocols for the PG, established in 2008, is now void.

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