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ADK appeals for heart surgeries to be covered by Aasandha

ADK Hospital has appealed for heart surgeries carried out at the hospital to be fully covered under Aasandha. ADK provides surgeries such as heart bypass surgeries at the hospital.

Commemorating the 1st anniversary of ADK conducting its first heart surgery, the hospital was visited by Health Minister Abdulla Ameen, who met the cardiac team of the hospital during this visit.

ADK is currently the only hospital in the Maldives that provides surgeries such as heart bypass operations, and this fact was raised by the Managing Director of ADK Ahmed Afaal who spoke to “Sun” regarding his concerns on why ADK received 75 per cent for its heart operations from Aasandha while patients travelling abroad for heart treatment were fully covered.

ADK conducts open-heart surgeries for MVR 77,550 without Aasandha.

“Maldivians would benefit a lot if heart surgeries at ADK were covered by Aasandha and it will also benefit the economy as well. Insurance contributions are needed to develop and enhance the medical sector,” Afaal said.

His request was heeded by the Health Minister who stated that the issues submitted by ADK will be fixed when reforming Aasandha. ADK became the first facility in the Maldives to conduct Cardiac Bypass Surgery as well as Open Heart surgery in 2018.

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