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Adhurey: Shareef’s actions prove he rigged the vote

The actions of the President of Elections Commission, Ahmed Shareef, during the days leading up to the recent presidential elections and afterwards prove he rigged the vote, says deputy leader of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), Fonadhoo MP Abdul Raheem Abdulla (Adhurey).

Speaking during an interview to Channel 13 regarding the petition filed with Supreme Court to nullify results of the presidential election, Abdul Raheem said he realized the vote had been rigged when the EC refused to endorse PPM’s extraordinary congress.

He said that all members of the EC, except for Shareef, had been abroad when the EC made its decision not to endorse the PPM’s extraordinary congress. And that it wasn’t clear how, or during which meeting the EC made its decision.

“We can only make our judgements based on actions. And now, the actions of EC, especially the actions of President of EC, Ahmed Shareef, lead us to believe there are some transgressions,” said Abdul Raheem.

He also said Shareef talked about ticking the box for the candidate no. 2 as an example during an interview to RaajjeTV ahead of the presidential election, which Abdul Raheem said he found suspicious.

“Wouldn’t it have been fine if he talked about ticking the box for the candidate no. 1 even as an example,” said Abdul Raheem.

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has filed a petition with the Supreme Court to nullify the results of the presidential elections held in the Maldives on September 23, which he lost to President-elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu).

During his interview to Channel 13, Abdul Raheem criticized the opposition coalition protest over the move to nullify the results of the elections, alleging their concern was connected to guilty conscience over their transgressions.

He said it wasn’t up to the opposition coalition to decide whether or not there are enough grounds to nullify the results of the elections.

Abdul Raheem said the PPM has not protested against any decision made by the Supreme Court except for its order on February 1, which, Abdul Raheem said was unconstitutional.

The last hearing in the petition filed by President Yameen was held in Supreme Court at 10:30 this Tuesday morning.

The court is yet to announce its decision.

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