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Acting CP: Officers being disciplined for violations

Police officers and protesters clash during a demonstration in Male’ City on July 25, 2016. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afrah)

Disciplinary action is being taken against officers who violate the code of conduct and code of ethics of Maldives Police Service, says Acting Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed (MC Hameed).

Maldives Police Service has been hit by accusations it harbours and protects officers who have committed acts which violate both laws and the Maldivian Constitution.

MC Hameed, who is at the helm of a campaign to reform Maldives Police Service and restore the public’s trust in the institution, during an exclusive interview with ‘Sun’, provided assurance disciplinary action is being taken against officers found to have violated the code of conduct and code of ethics of the institution.

“We have taken disciplinary action and continue to take disciplinary action against officers who have taken wrongful actions, violated the code of conduct and code of ethics, or taken action in the conflict of or in violation of several laws,” said Hameed.

He noted that several investigations conducted by independent institutions regarding unlawful action taken by police officers failed to conclusively prove the allegations against the officers.

He said the Maldives Police Service was willing to provide its full cooperation if independent institutions wished to reopen such cases.

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Hameed said he will not stand in the way of just punishment to police officers who violate laws.

“I will neither stand in the way nor back down from any just disciplinary action against any police officer delivered via the internal mechanism established within this institution in compliance with standard regulations and policers for disciplinary offences and action,” said Hameed.

He said that failure to address wrongful action by police officers would further disintegrate the public’s trust in Maldives Police Service.


The authority to investigate police officers for offences and mete out disciplinary action had been charged to a committee within the Maldives Police Service even before the policy for dismissal of police officers was first established.

Police officers during an operation to control a demonstration held in Male’ City on July 24, 2017. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afrah) 

An additional policy was later established which empowered the Commissioner of Police or Minister of Home Affairs to dismiss police officers at his/her discretion.

Hameed reports the policy has now been annulled.

“Commissioner of Police or Minister of Home Affairs should not be allowed to exude influence and make decisions regarding disciplinary action against police officers. We have made sure of this now. I, personally, will not take any action which may disintegrate the public’s trust and faith in me,” said Hameed.

The Acting CP stated he will not be one to hide wrongful action by police officers or order police officers to commit any wrongful action.

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