Abused child was “strangled” to death: doctor

The iconic photograph of three-year-old Mohamed Ibthihaal who was beaten to death by his mother after repeated abuse. PHOTO: ASAD PHOTOGRAPHY

Three year old Mohamed Ibthihaal of Vaavu atoll Raakeedhoo island is believed to have been strangled to death, declared the doctor who had inspected his body in court on Sunday.

Mohamed Ibthihaal was found dead at home with signs of severe physical abuse in January 2015. His mother Afiya Mohamed is charged with abusing and murdering her child, and her trials are ongoing.

Speaking during Sunday’s hearing of Afiya’s trial, Dr Ahmed Ziyan of Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) who had examined Ibthihaal’s body, testified that there had been “fresh” fingernail imprints around the boy’s neck when he had been brought in. He stated that they were signs of great pressure applied on the neck and that Ibthihaal died due to obstruction of his windpipe.

Dr Ziyaan further noted that Ibthihaal’s ribs had been broken and that he had sported injuries to the mouth, stomach, chest, genitals and head.

The doctor added Ibthihaal’s body had other older bruises, though doctors could not be sure when he had sustained them.

Afiya pictured with her son Ibthihaal.

Afiya pictured with her son Ibthihaal.

Afiya, who has agreed to the abuse numerous times in court, turned down the chance to question the doctor, stating she has no inquiries.

Another doctor had also previously testified in court that Ibthihaal had born signs of being strangled, which could be the cause of death. The doctor at the time had also noted that internal bleeding was found in Ibthihaal’s body.

The court had looked to summon Afiya’s mother. However, her whereabouts are still unknown, according to Judge Muhuthaz Fahmy presiding over the case.

Meanwhile, the judge had inquired the details of Afiya’s other relatives. She stated that she had three siblings living in capital Male.

The state is also prosecuting five government employees with negligence that led to Ibthihaal’s murder. The trials of the separate case are currently ongoing.

Afiya had previously given a gruesomely detail confession in court, describing how she had strangled, punched and kicked her three-year-old sleeping child when she came home on that fateful day. Afiya had said she hated her son as he was born out of wedlock.

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