Aafiu: Dhiraagu is without any pressure whilst few weapons in his arsenal


Head Coach of Dhiraagu, Aafiu Mohamed Hamid says that his side has no pressure when they prepare to face one of the strongest opponents, Club TCL, in the Quarter Final of the Club Maldives Cup 2018 this evening.

Dhiraagu’s initial target was the round of 16, but to be in the Quarter Finals is already beyond target for them with an average team.

“About tonight’s match, the first thing is that we have no pressure even if we are to face one of the strongest teams in the competition. Whether it is in terms of skill or in terms of experience, they are much stronger than us.

I am taking an average team to face an individually talented team with lots of experience. Most of their players play in numerous domestic tournaments each year, which is few for our players. But being already reached to our target and beyond, keeps us comfortable ahead of the match”, Aafiu said.

When asked about Naaif Shafeeg, who has been one of the best players for Dhiraagu so far in the tournament, Aafiu said that he is a very promising player and he has been proving that all through the tournament.

However, it is surprising that this is his very first Club Maldives Cup tournament.

“I knew him from last year when he played for TC Sports Club. But later in the year he disappeared from the team, I think because he wanted to focus more on Futsal”, Aafiu said talking about Naaif Shafeeg.

Naaif Shafeeg is currently second in the tournament’s top scorers list alongside tonight’s opponent Mohamed Liyah, each with eight goals.

Aafiu believes his side could defeat Club TCL tonight. He conveys all the credits of the triumph so far in the competition to the dedicated players. He strongly believes that it is his players’ dedication which brought them so far in Club Maldives Cup 2018.

Aafiu led Maldives Gas last year in the tournament. They were knocked out from the group stage.

However, he has three 18/30 Women’s Futsal Fiesta titles under his name as Club Immigration’s Coach, making him the most successful coach in the history of the tournament.

The Quarter Final clash between Dhiraagu and Club TCL will kick off at 20:00 hrs, Ekuveni Futsal Ground, Male’.

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