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A Womens Center opens in Male

From Left: Zuneena Habeeb, Hawwa Lisha and Aminath Asifa. The three women founded the Women’s Centre in the capital Male. MIHAARU PHOTO / HUSSEN WAHEED

A local company has opened a Women’s Center in the capital Male, with the aim of empowering women and addressing issues faced by women on a daily basis.

Yulia Enterprises Pvt Ltd, run by three women; Hawwa Lisha, Zoona Habeeb and Aminath Asifa, aims to address social, psychological and economical problems faced by women in Maldives.

“We actually have a lot of opportunities for women here in the Maldives. But there are many obstacles that we have to overcome in order to utilise these opportunities – there are certain things that are institutionally lacking. We are trying to eliminate these impediments that women face,” Lisha said.

The centre has four departments that offer different services. These departments include fitness, childcare, mental health and counselling.

The Women’s Center will offer childcare services from 7:30 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. for children between the ages seven to ten. There are different packages of childcare available, and the trained professionals who work at the centre were hired after thorough screening, Lisha said. She added that unlike other childcare services offered in the capital, the Women’s Center would be running a special curriculum for the children.

The childcare service will also be extended to the women who use the fitness studios in the centre, she said.

The Women’s Center will also be initiating support groups for women for individuals with depression and other mental illnesses and victims of domestic abuse.

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