A Guide To Maldives — A Tropical Heaven

Cyan blue sky, unsurpassed sophistication, remarkably white sand beaches marshalled with amazing underwater connotes Maldives to be an obvious choice for a long tranquil holiday. Situated across the Indian border, Maldives assays to be the home to perhaps the best beaches in the world. Along with being a perfect holiday destination for family, Maldives is also an all-time dream honeymoon destination. Honeymoon packages to Maldives are explicitly available throughout the year. Tour packages to Maldives are gallantly at its peak during two specific seasons that is between December to April and May to November.

An engrossingly captivating surrounding with an affable crowd strives to be a striking factor driving million visitors to this location of glory. Maldives is an island catering hospitable bond of love, boasting an exciting blend of cultures, landscapes and cuisines. Marvellous and brilliantly mesmerizing, Maldives is indeed the smallest Asian country in terms of land and population. A frabjous hub to water sports, the country has 99% of sea and less than 1% of land anticipating it with the tag of being a snorkelling destination for beach bums, divers and honeymooners.

Grand Friday Mosque or Masjid- al-Sultan, Male’s National Museum and the Mulee-Aage Palace are few noteworthy attractions gripping the tourist to Maldives. From chilling out in the underwater nightclubs to beach parties at night, Maldives raves the tourists with an elegantly mesmerizing atmosphere of vibrant happiness and tranquillity. The capital- Male

City acts as a major shopping hub in Maldives. Majeedhee Magu Street is the most famous shopping street driving heaps of tourists to shop variant varieties of Maldivian souvenirs, Dhoni crafts, miniatures and traditional weaved mats.

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