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A Desert Island

When our time at Velassaru was up, we packed our things and got back onto a speedboat taking us to the airport. Eager to see what the next half of our trip was going to look like, the wait for our seaplane at Male couldn’t have felt longer – but finally we boarded the tiny plane transferring us to our next destination, Kandolhu.

We flew over islands and tiny boats before landing in the ocean. It’s quite a funny sight to see, tourists with their huge suitcases on a pontoon in the middle of the sea, but all of the best places are the ones that are more difficult to get to, trust me!

Kuoni had suggested Kandolhu as our second resort to experience something different than the last, and we’re glad they did, as we totally fell in love with the place. It didn’t take too long for us to explore the island – it’s tiny – but that’s not a detraction by any means! It might be small, but it’s perfectly formed – in fact, during our time there I’m still not quite sure I was able to navigate my way around, which only added to the feeling that we were on a desert island.

Also, you’d think that you might be struggling for a spot on the beach when it takes about 15 minutes to walk around the entire island, but that couldn’t be further from the truth – we barely saw anybody else the entire time and the resorts 30 villas were full to capacity!

We spent our first night in an Ocean Villa (more on that in another post!) and then transferred over to a Duplex Pool Villa, which was about as big as our flat in London – if only our flat also had an outdoor bathroom, shrouded by palm trees!

I have lots of happy memories looking back at these pictures. We would put a playlist on over the speakers thanks to the in-room iPad and float around in our own pool. I know I mentioned the privacy above, but we honestly felt like we had the place to ourselves, only spotting snorkelers swim by every now and then.

And talking of snorkelling – the reef here was like nothing I’d ever seen before, but I’ll be sharing more details (and snaps!) in another post. But put it this way – you WILL swim with sea turtles!

The food at Kandolhu’s four restaurants was just as exceptional as the view from our villa. On our first night we dined at the Sea Grill with resort managers Laura and Marc, who you’re sure to get to know if you ever stay on the island. Their youth translates into how modern and laid-back the place feels.

We opted for steak at Sea Grill followed by chocolate lava cake on more than one occasion – it was that good. And what better time to indulge than your honeymoon? We’d order waffles for breakfast, pasta for lunch and steak for dinner. TAKE. ME. BACK!

From our breakfast table we would sit and watch dolphins jump in the distance.

Whilst most of our time was spent snorkelling, snoozing and sunbathing (the tan you get in the Maldives is the BEST) – we did drag ourselves away from the comfort of our sunloungers to take a boat trip at sunset. We sipped on mocktails as the sky turned pink and purple – it was hard to tell where the ocean ended and the sky began. It’s a memory Miguel and I will cherish forever.

More coming up from Kandolhu soon (including turtles!)

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