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A chilling warning to all journalists: Raajje TV


Raajje TV’s CEO Hussain Fiyaz signs the petition condemning the criminal charges levied against the journalists of the station.

Local television station Raajje TV has fired back at the call issued by the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) to shut down the channel, stating that the chilling warning was directed at all journalists to destroy the freedom of the press in the country.

At a press conference that only state-media PSM and Channel 13, were invited to along with ministers and certain lawmakers, PPM’s Vice President Abdul Raheem Abdulla had stated that Raajje TV must not be given the opportunity to disrupt the harmony in the country. He also said that the station is creating discord and it must be shut down immediately.

In their press statement criticizing the threat made by PPM, Raajje TV stated that the threat was an undemocratic act which is in breach of the Constitution and the freedom of expression guaranteed under various conventions that the Maldives is party to. The press statement also said that Raajje TV’s work involves bringing events unfolding around the country to the citizens with haste.

Raajje TV added that in the course of their work they bring to light the perspective of all involved parties.

“Despite this reality, stating that broadcasting the opinions of the opposition is sowing discord in the country, and especially offering the opportunity for former President Mohamed Nasheed to express his views disrupts the harmony in the country, is an unacceptable reason to call to shut down Raajje TV.”

As free media have a responsibility to hold the state accountable, Raajje TV accused that the government is attempting to shut the station down to facilitate the government’s illegal acts.

In their statement, Raajje TV had called on PPM to cease its efforts to obstruct free media. The statement also calls on the international community and state institutions not to give any room for a few to carry out such actions in the name of the Maldivian government.

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