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A 16% increase in income from Green Tax has been discerned in 2018

A 16.7% increase has been observed in the income received to the government by the means of Green Tax with regards to the year 2017.

In reference to the statistics of 2018 publicized by Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA), the government has received 810 million rufiyaas as Green Tax in the past year. In comparison with the 693 million received in 2017, this amount displays a 16.7% increase.

Green Tax was introduced in 2015 after amendments made to the tourism laws of the Maldives. It is collected for a rate of 6 dollars each for all individual tourists staying at either a hotel, liveaboards and resorts. However, guesthouses only collect green tax at a rate of 3 dollars each.

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