8 reasons why Livpure Water Purifiers is so popular in Maldives?

1. The use of water packed in single-use plastic bottles in the country is destroying our pristine environment

2. Tap water across male region has a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) which is below 500 mg/L. The WHO requirement for drinking water is maximum TDS 500 mg/L. Livpure machines can easily filter TDS of up to 2000 mg/L.

3. The award-winning Livpure brand is the biggest RO water plant producer in the world. 4. The quality of water produced by Livpure water purifiers makes sure it maintains a healthy ratio of essential minerals unlike other bottled water available on the market which removes entire mineral content which has health risks.

5. It reduces the cost of buying mineralized water by 90%. Livpure has machines for household, corporates & commercial use.

6. Installation is easy and fast, the filter replacement cost is low, and helps save the environment by eliminating millions of single-use plastics.

7. Comes with Bluetooth technology that lets you easily control the purifier with your smartphone.

8. Best of all, it is currently the cheapest water purifier available in the Maldives in its category (75 litres per day, 8 stages of filtration), selling at MVR 4,990/-

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