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6 injured in 2 traffic collisions over the weekend in Male’ City

Six people sustained injuries in two traffic collisions which took place in Male’ City in the early hours of this Saturday morning.

One of the collisions took at approximately 1 am near the People’s Majlis and involved two 16-year-old boys driving a motorcycle over the speed limit.

Maldives Police Service reports the speeding motorcycle attempted to overtake another motorcycle and crashed into a parked car.

The two 16-year-old boys sustained serious injuries, while a 26-year-old man on the other motorcycle sustained only minor injuries.

Traffic collision near the People’s Majlis on February 9, 2019. (Photo/MV Crisis)

Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, however, reports one accident victim was brought into the hospital and that he sustained no critical injuries; while ADK Hospital’s Managing Director Mohamed Affaal reports no accident victims were brought into the hospital.

The second traffic collision took place 10 minutes apart at 1:10 am near the Senahiya Hospital.

The collision took place between two motorcycles – one heading from south to north on the Boduthakurufaanu Magu and the other heading from north to south off the Sinamale’ Bridge as both attempted to enter Buruzu Magu.

Two women and one man sustained injuries in the collision.

All three were taken to the Senahiya Hospital.

Details on the extent of their injuries have not been disclosed.

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