5 cases of looting, 7 robberies reported in Hulhumale’ last week

Statistics published by Maldives Police Service have shown that seven robberies and five cases of looting were reported and investigated by Police in Hulhumale’ last week.

The highest number of reported incidents was road accidents. 12 such cases were investigated by Police. Three cases involving drugs were investigated by Police.

Police also published the traffic statistics for last week in the Male’ city area.

Male’ city saw 44 accidents with 16 injured. Traffic Police inspected 852 vehicles and issued parking violation stickers for all of these vehicles. 130 vehicles were also towed in Male’ city area this week.

Most common traffic violations

  • Driving without a license: 113 cases
  • Driving without a license card: 62 cases
  • Driving without a valid roadworthiness sticker: 49 cases
  • Driving with headsets: 32 cases
  • Unpaid annual fees: 28 cases
  • Violation of traffic signs: 23 cases
  • Speeding: 20 cases

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