3 Development Projects Financed by India

Photo: AFP

3 projects being carried out in order to develop sewerage systems and renovate schools have been financed by the Indian Government with a free aid of 19 million rufiyaas.

As per the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the three projects on which the free aid will be utilized on, are the addition of classrooms in Raa Atoll Kinolhas and Noonu Atoll Lhohi along with the development of emergency medical services in Haa Alif Atoll Ihavandhoo.

12 million out of the 19 million will be used for building 12 classrooms in Kinolhas and Lhohi in order to change the operation of the school into one session. The remaining 7.4 million will be used for developing health services in Ihavandhoo as per the Ministry.

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