24 Hour Operation Allowed for Businesses in Addu City

Businesses of Addu City have now been permitted by the Ministry of Economic Development to conduct their business 24/7 as per the Council of Addu City.

Those who wish to run their business 24/7 can now submit the necessary form to the Council of Addu City. The places where these businesses are being run should have security cameras installed, the inside should be clearly visible from the outside and should be located in an area set by the city council as per the regulations set by the Ministry of Economic Development.

The authority to check if the businesses fit into the given criteria is issued to the Council of Addu City by the Ministry Of Economic Development. If they fit into criteria set by the Ministry, a fee of 2000 MVR should be paid to the Maldives Monitory Authority by the business. The permission would be granted for a period of two years and those places should have a board with 24/7 written on it outside their shops.

Full details are available at the link below:


Source URL: Corporate Maldives

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