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2 arrested in attempted robbery at Sonee Sports

Police have arrested two suspects who broke into the building which houses Sonee Sports in an attempt to rob the shop in the early hours of this Sunday.

The break-in was reported to the police at 4 am.

Police officers who were dispatched to the scene arrested two suspects from the ground floor of the building; an 18-year-old local male and a minor.

According to the police, one of the suspects had been wearing a motorcycle helmet in an attempt to disguise his appearance.

One of the suspects is also reported to have attempted to resist arrest and assaulted a police officer during the arrest.

The police had intervened before anything had been stolen from Sonee Sports, and gear was found on the two suspects which is believed to have been used by them to break into the building.

The police searched the two motorcycles they rode to Sonee Sports and found the license plates of both vehicles had been taped over to prevent identification.

The motorcycles were also found to have been reported stolen, and have been towed by the police.

The case is under further investigation by the police.

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