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15 Overcharging taxis fined

Fifteen taxi drivers who violated the regulations regarding taxi fares set out by the Transport Authority has been fined again.

Weekly statistics released by the Traffic Police Management Department revealed that 262 vehicles were stopped and checked by its officers last week. While 126 people were found violating different traffic laws, 15 of these cases were taxi drivers who overcharged passengers.

Police have previously fined six taxis that had violated the fares set out by the Transport Authority.

Taxis have been charging passengers their preferred prices ever since the Sinamale’ bridge opened, however, this was halted by the new regulations set out by the Transport Authority that stated that trips between Male and Hulhumale are to be charged MVR 75. Trips from Male and Hulhumale to Hulhule’ could be charged MVR 60. These fare charges were blatantly rejected by some taxi drivers who had been charging MVR 100 per trip from Male’ to Hulhumale previously.

Some taxi centres and drivers have stated that they would heed to the new regulations, however, some drivers expressed their anger and protests were even carried out in Hulhumale by some drivers.

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