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140 Resorts are being developed in the Maldives

Tourism Minister, Honorable Ali Waheed stated that 140 resorts are currently under development in the Maldives.

During the press conference, the Minister stated that 132 tourism-related projects including over 140 islands while the projects of 54 islands were halted due to several reasons. He further outlined that the projects of 93 islands are currently in operation while 13 islands are yet to be given on lease even after listing on the gazette with the approval from president’s office when 3 islands were given on lease which has been approved but not yet listed on the gazette.

According to the statistics revealed by the Tourism Minister, the Maldives is currently operating 144 resorts, 12 hotels, 508 guesthouses, 148 safaris, 308 travel agencies and 272 dive schools.

Numerous resorts are currently under development in the Maldives where the tourist beds exceeded 42,000 beds due to the opening of over 30 new resorts in the Maldives during the last few years.

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