10 Ways To Save Money When Planning A Trip To Maldives

10 Ways To Save Money When Planning A Trip To Maldives

Maldives. One of the most dreamt of tourist destinations, especially for its crystal clear ocean water, its tranquil beaches covered in spectacular white sand, its swaying palms, and the sheer charm of this island nation! Whether it be honeymooning couples or families with young kids, this is one destination that has all that it takes to woo tourists of all ages, from across the globe! That being said, more often than not tourists are on the lookout for options that are inexpensive or reasonable at best! While Maldives does offer the best of both worlds when it comes to travelling costs, there are ways to keep your costs to a minimum while getting the maximum of your sojourn! All you need is a little help and some planning in advance, and you would be good to go! So let’s get to the top 10 ways of making your Maldives trip truly affordable!

1. Compare Prices

Well, truth be told, this stands true for any vacation or even a business trip that you wish to embark on! Whether it is in terms of airfares, or the service charges levied by your tour manager, it is always advisable that you get quotations from at least two different providers to compare. Sometimes it might not be the difference in price but in the services offered, that meets your needs! Whatever it is, remember your ultimate goal is to get a better deal at a great price. Of course, push the limits only when it seems plausible, or you might find yourself hanging in the middle of nowhere with a ruined vacation!

2. Plan your Trip in Advance

Planning beforehand almost always has its advantages, and the same stands true when you wish to plan a holiday in Maldives! Planning a little ahead of time will give you the freedom to flex your dates or schedule according to the estimated airfares and speculated tariff for your resort stay. Moreover, it will give you ample time to find a trust-worthy travel advisor while also helping you compare rates of various service providers.

3. Choose resorts closer to Male’

In Maldives, you can get to an island/resort either by a speed boat or by a seaplane. Needless to say, the speed boat will be a cheaper option as compared to a sea plane. So, you might be able save a few bucks by choosing a resort island closer to Male’ where your flight will land, so that you can easily get to and from the island on a speed boat.

4. Pack it all

Given that Maldives is primarily a tourist destination, prices of certain items will almost always be through the roof! Simple things like suntan lotions, toiletries and even guidebooks can prove to be twice as expensive. Hence, make sure you pack all the essentials with you to avoid spending the extra bucks! And for what it’s worth, you can even carry a bottle or two of packaged water, that is, if you have enough space for the same!

5. Travel in Off-Season

Usually, May to November is the time period when Maldives witnesses quite a lot of rain, and hence isn’t considered suitable for tourism. However, one must understand that not all islands of Maldives experience the same weather at the same time, and while it might rain on one island, the others might be rather dry and pleasant to enjoy a stay! Planning your trip during this season will help you score some incredible deals with discounts ranging from anywhere between 30% to a whopping 60%, both on airfares as well as stays! And if you get lucky you can enjoy staggeringly low prices at local cafés and beach side shops, as well.

6. Get an all Inclusive meal plan

Since you will be in an island, your only option for dining will be the restaurants in the resort. And because you are captive audience, the prices of food items can be quite a lot. So, you may be better off with all meals already paid for, unless you plan to skip meals or carry ready to eat food.

7. Exchange your Currency Beforehand

To enjoy your vacation in Maldives, you will use either US Dollars or Rufiyaa, i.e. the local currency. While resorts and guesthouses openly accept dollars, at places such as local restaurants and street side shops, you might need Rufiyaa. To ensure that you get them at a decent exchange rate, either get this done in your homeland, or at an exchange shop in the Maldives. Remember, exchanging the currency at the Airport or the Resort might prove to be a costly deal!

8. Bargain Before Purchasing

Shopping is one thing we can rarely stay away from, especially when exploring a completely new place! Right from souvenirs to little charms, there is a 99% percent chance that you’ll buy something or the other! While you are at it, don’t forget to bargain a little! Even if you get as little as a 10% discount, remember money saved is money earned!

9. Go online at Cheaper Rates

If it is important for you to stay online for any given reason during your trip, it is advisable that you choose a stay which offers a Wi-Fi facility. If not, it is worth buying a local SIM as you will be able to get cheap offers for 3G and 4G data packs, which function rather seamlessly all across the nation. You can find the SIM either at the ferry ride from the airport towards your destination, or at any local shop. Either way, it would be much cheaper this way rather than using your own internet on sky-high roaming rates!

10. Ask for Freebies

When you plan your vacation in Maldives, it would make sense to ask your stay manager for various freebies! Anything from a complimentary breakfast to a vegetarian dinner meal, from internet connection to snorkelling or diving equipment, and even a free ride on a personal speedboat. Since the better part of the nation is tourist friendly, chances are they would be happy to assist you. Trust us, this will help you save a lot, especially if you plan on having a weeklong holiday or longer!

These tips will help you get the most out of your money, while you are enjoying a beautiful holiday in Maldives.

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